Coral House

About the villa

The villa

Coral House is located on the hillside, right above the port village Mae Haad. The villa is brand new, built in 2014, and is ideal for 4 to 6 people. Quiet surroundings.

2 bedrooms, both with double beds, bathroom and AC. Livingroom with 2 "sleeping sofas". Fully equiped kitchen. WiFi (ADSL). Pool on the terrace with a sunset view. 7-8 minutes walk to the neareast beach. 3 minutes to neareast restaurant. All services available within walking distance, but renting a motorbike is prefarable

Mae Haad

A quiet village with beautiful beaches. The main harbor is located here, and it can get quite busy during traffic hours. You will find Sairee to the north and Chaolok to the south. The nearest beach is situated on the way to the Ferry Pier from Coral House. Walking distance for a morning or night swim. Long tail taxi boat can also easily be rented!

Services in walking distance



Price for stay over 1 month is negotiable. Minimum 4 days stay.

Normal season: 1. May - 30. November
High season: 1. December - 30. April

Season Per
Normal Day
168 USD
Normal Week
1035 USD
Normal Day (14+ days)
131 USD
High Day
204 USD
High Week
1252 USD
High Day (14+ days)
160 USD
Included in the listed prices are following:
  • Transportation between ferry and villa on arrival and departure.
  • Daily cleaning of the villa, making of beds and dishwashing.
  • Normal usage of water (400 l /week)
  • Electricity (60 units/week)

Since Koh Tao is an island with limited access to water and electricity, the included usage is based on a carefull consumption, so don`t let the water run, and the airconditioning be left on unneccesary!

Take a look at our second house, right next door:

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

Getting here

The travel to and from Koh Tao is a great experience by itself; calm, relaxing and a lot of interesting things to see. The flight to Bangkok is the first step, and depending where you fly from, there are several companies that takes you there.

In Bangkok

At Bangkok Airport, you switch to Bangkok Air, that takes you to the island Koh Samui in about one hour. The airport there is a small, special and exiting airport. Then it`s the last part of the travel remaining, a nice boat trip with a modern high speed Catamaran. Here you can choose between comfortable seats inside, with air condition, or to stay on the sun deck. The boat makes short stops on two islands on its way to Koh Tao, it`s an interesting and beautiful boat ride, taking about 2 hours.

Welcome to Koh Tao!

On arrival our contact on the island will meet you at the pier, and transport you to the villa! We can help with contact info for the flight and boat tickets!


Diving schools

Koh Tao has one of the worlds largest selection in diving courses and trips.
Very professional at amazing prices, in calm surroundings, both under and over water.

Price examples:
3 days course w/certification, 9000 thb.
Fun dive, 900 thb, incl gear rental.

Bays and beaches

Big luxurious restaurant with sea view, and a small quiet beach.

Breakfast/lunch at Atmosphere restaurant, gives free admission to sunbeds in the shadows or in the sun on Atmosphere.
We recommend to rent a kayak, since swimming is limited because of shallow water.

Atmosphere situated on the way to the Ferry Pier from Coral House. Walking distance for a morning or night swim.
Long tail taxi boat can also easily be rented!

Also known as “The City Beach,” it starts directly north of the pier, where the ferry arrives.
It continues a few kilometers north. Numerous good restaurants and small shops between Atmosphere and the narrow road (for motorbikes and pedestrians).
The sunset seen from Atmosphere is spectacular, and later “the Flame-artists” takes over as they perform their show.
Sit or lay down in a big beach bed/chair and ENJOY the evening with fire, music and a good drink!

The island you see from the pool at Coral House. Take a tourist boat or a long tail taxi boat to get there.
Remember to bring your swim mask and good shoes for snorkeling and a “climb” to the top of the island!


There are many great restaurants at Koh Tao, and here are a few we can highly recommend:

This restaurant works really well, when you or your children long for basic European (Italian) type of food.
Clean and nice with a friendly atmosphere!

Situated directly on Atmosphere, with great food and a superb atmosphere, laid back and comfortable.
Great for breakfast and dinner! Friendly and smiling staff!

Perfect view to Nang Yuan Island, and the sunset. An impressing resort, well worth spending a full night on.
Don`t forget your camera! If you are lucky, you might experience Koh Taos possibly most special and strange musician.
This Elvis looking Thai piano player/singer is mildly spoken something by himself, and should be experienced.

Laid back view restaurant, with great food. Recommended!


-125 ccm Scooter (recommended): 1 day, 200 thb, extra days, 150 thb
-150 ccm Crosser: 1 day, 400 thb, extra days, 300 thb
-250 ccm Crosser: 1 day, 500 thb, extra days, 400 thb
-ATV (4 wheels): 1 day, 600 thb, extra days, 500 thb

TAXI (examples)
-Mae Haad - Sairee Village, min. Price, 200 thb (up to 4 people)
-Mae Haad – Ao Leuk Bay, min. Price, 300 thb (up to 4 people)
-Mae Haad – Tanote Bay, min. Price, 400 thb (up to 4 people)

TAXI BOAT (long tail boat, recommended)
Full day, around the island with several stops for swimming, snorkling, food and enjoying the sun.
2 people, 2500 thb, 6 people, 3000 thb

KAJAKK, for 2 people (available at several bays and beaches)
1 – 2 h, 150 thb/h
3 – 6 h, 100 thb/h


We recommend two fantastic spas, both in Sairee Village.
They are delicate, clean and nice, with experienced and friendly therapists. Treat yourselves with some luxury for a good price.

Majestic Spa and Aurori Spa.

Price examples
1h Thai massage, 400 thb
1h Aroma oil massage, 600 thb

Get in Touch

Check our calendar for availability. We look forward hearing from you.

Take a look at our second house, right next door:

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